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Caring for Your Framed Art Purchase

Cleaning and Care Instructions For Acrylic

Your fine art print has been framed using a clear acrylic sheer. To ensure the enjoyment of your fine art print to the fullest, most glass cleaners should NOT be used to clean acrylic. Clean your acrylic with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water. Make sure you use a clean, soft cloth (not wet), and squeeze out the remaining water. Apply light pressure on the acrylic. Rinse completely with clean water; make sure moisture from the damp cloth does not go outside the edges of the glass or acrylic as this may damage the mats or the print.
Dry by absorbing with a clean soft cloth or chamois.

Grease or oil may be removed with a good grade solvent such as bexane, aliphatic naphtha or kerosene, according the manufacturer’s recommendations. Any oily residue left behind by solvents should be removed immediately by washing as noted above.

DO NOT USE any of the following to clean acrylic: window cleaner or sprays, kitchen cleaners, benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride
or lacquer thinner. supplies free hangers to hang your framed products. Alternatively, you can always go to any hardware store and buy a different kind. We are not responsible for any wall or color damage if you choose our hooks/hangers. Use of our hooks/hangers will be at your sole discretion.

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