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Help With the Custom Design Studio

The product previews you see in the Art and More Custom Design Studio are not nearly as clear or detailed as the actual product. There also may be slight color variations. Your finished custom art will not have copyright or other watermarks on the photos.

Designing Sports Art

Art and More has a large variety of design templates to help create the perfect sports art for you. However, due to availability of materials (pennants, banners, etc.) for specific teams, not all design templates are available for all teams.

Sports Art Templates With Nameplates:

The default nameplate text is the team name; however, you can edit the text and we will print the message on the nameplate as you have it written.

Sports Art Templates For Trading Cards:

Team trading card openings are 2.5 x 3.5 in. and will be left blank. You can insert your cards once you receive the finished product.

Sports Art Templates With "DIE HARD FAN" Text:

DIE HARD FAN is the default text; however, you can edit the text and we will cut the message into the mat as you have it written.

Sports Art Templates With Large Team Name Text:

The team nickname is used by default; however, you can edit the text and we will cut the message into the mat as you have it written.

Sports Art Templates For Ticket Stubs:

Mention your ticket size in inches at checkout and the mat will be cut 1/4 of an inch (0.25") bigger for the ticket to fit.

Sports Art Templates For Personal Photos:

We can leave the photo opening blank for you to insert the photo yourself or you can e-mail us a JPG of the photo for us to insert.

Photo Orientation:

Vertical photos (or portraits) are taller than they are wide.
Horizontal photos (or landscapes) are wider than they are tall.

Designing Memory Mats

The total size of our memory mats with frame is 10 x 31 inches. The frame is a quality black frame and comes with Plexiglas.
You have the option to type in any name or team you would like or choose from the templates we have provided for you.
The color of your matte is an important part of this process so choose wisely. We have several matte color choices to accommodate you.
All sports memory mats use the main team color. You cannot change this color.

Sports Memory Mats: Team Pennants and Card Cutouts

MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL memory mats may have either pennants or card cutouts.
NOTE: Not all teams have team pennants available.
We do not supply team cards or photos for any orders.

Custom Messages

Custom messages may be up to 10 characters in length, including spaces.
You may type letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and spaces only into your custom message.

Please keep the following in mind when designing your custom name:

Idea: Try using your favorite players name for your sports team instead of the team name.
Idea: Try typing a team-related message (e.g., CUBS FAN).

Designing Alphabet Art

Your alphabet art will arrive in one of three sizes, depending on the length of your name or custom message:

28 inches by 7 inches for up to 6 letters or letter photos
32 inches by 8 inches for 7 letters or letter photos
40 inches by 8 inches for 8 or 9 letters or letter photos

Need more than 9 letters in your alphabet art? Contact us by phone and place your special order.

For more help designing your custom art, contact us:

Art and More

773-967-9070 (fax)
10am - 6pm Central Time

service (at) artandmore [dot] com